April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle Experiencing N.O.W.!!!

Go Susan Boyle! "I DREAM THE DREAM"
Talk about being in the NOW!!!
This video brought tears to my eyes.
in New Omnipotent Ways!

-->Click here to hear Susan Boyle "I DREAM THE DREAM"!
It's 7-1/2 minutes on YouTube....worth watching...

February 27, 2009

Experience N.O.W.!!!

Experience N.O.W. (New Omnipotent Ways)
with Certified Empowerment Coach Susan Hampton
The FEEL N.O.W. Success Coach

Discover New Omnipotent Ways to achieve your heartfelt success!!!

Susan Hampton, C.E.C.
The FEEL N.O.W. Success Coach

January 5, 2009

Glorify God By Achieving Your Dreams N.O.W.

January 5, 2009

Early last year (in 2008), I had one of those “ah-ha” moments. It was like a bolt of lightning had struck me. An affirmation came into my mind that struck me in a way that no other affirmation or intention ever did.

The affirmation was this: “I am experiencing now, the constant flow of prosperity and abundance”. It eventually developed into this: “I AM experiencing N.O.W. (New Omnipotent Ways of) God’s constant flow of prosperity and abundance."

In the past, I had been taught to express my affirmations in ways such as “I am so happy now that ____________” and then I filled in the blank with whatever I believed for, as if it were already happening in my life.

I’m here to tell you, that those type of affirmations didn’t do much for me. What was revealed to me through this new, insightful affirmation, was the fact that when I thought about and/or said “I am EXPERIENCING NOW…”, it made me FEEL the FEELINGS and EMOTIONS as if I was experiencing (in this case) the constant flow of prosperity and abundance in the NOW….in the current moment.

If I used the old way of thinking, saying and thinking to myself “I am so happy now that I am experiencing the constant flow of prosperity and abundance”, it didn’t connect the feelings with the thoughts (for me). It was as if I had to do the old skill I learned of “fake it, ‘til I make it”. You see I felt like when I said “I am so happy now that….”, it was like I was trying to talk myself into the fact that I was happy about something in the future.

When the lightning bolt struck me, I realized that if I said “I am EXPERIENCING NOW….”, I actually FELT like I was BEING and/or DOING the thing that followed it. That gave me MORE than the feelings of being “happy now”. It actually exhilarated me!

What came next (in my process) was the fact that “NOW” might become an acronym with “N.O.W.” standing for “New Omnipotent Ways”. Now the only time I think I ever spoke or sang the word “omnipotent” in my life, was when I sang a verse in Handel’s Messiah with my school chorus that said “For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth…Hallelujah, hallelujah!”

I was prompted to look up the word “omnipotent”. It was described as almighty, absolute, infinite, or unlimited power. Wow, this was getting more exciting! To experience new, unlimited ways of doing things and being….now that was giving me authentic feelings of joy, without even trying to fake being happy now!

Before you go any further, do yourself a favor and “EXPERIENCE N.O.W.” for yourself! Go ahead, create an affirmation for YOU! One that is truly YOU!

Here, I’ll help you out…you fill in the blank: “I am EXPERIENCING NOW (new omnipotent [unlimited] ways of) God’s constant flow of _________________________."

Just FEEL the infinite possibilities of having, being, and doing what you want in your life! What thoughts are coming into your mind? What are you REALLY FEELING? Do yourself a favor and capture that moment….remembering what you are FEELING like in that N.O.W. moment.

The information I bring to you in this e-book, is only a part of a bigger project that I have been inspired to write. I felt compelled to get this out now, in hopes that if used properly, it will propel you to glorify God by achieving your dreams N.O.W.

Our lives are God’s gift to us. What we do with our lives, is our gift to God.

So practice what I’m sharing with you, and see what God blesses you with in your life. If you need more details to grasp this, along with Scripture to back it up, then “stay tuned” for what will be revealed in my bigger project, to be released in the near future.